Being healthy

We have been discussing what we can do to keep ourselves healthy.  Last week we made fruit salads as a healthy snack and this week we have been talking about other things we can do and eat to keep ourselves healthy.  Here we are preparing and enjoying our healthy snack!



We have been learning about division in Year 1.  We know that is we are dividing something we are splitting it into equal parts or groups.  Here we are investigating different numbers and seeing if we can divide them by two.  We noticed a pattern with odd and even numbers – can you think what it could be?

Squirrels using suffixes

We have been learning about different suffixes that we can put on the end of words to change their meaning or to change the tense.  We have been using the -ing suffix for actions, the -ed suffix to put verbs into the past tense and the suffix -est.  It was the biggest challenge but we have been working hard and we have used all these suffixes in our work.  Here we are using the suffix -ing to describe our actions – can you guess what we are doing in each photograph?

Seaside settings – Badgers

Today in English we were discussing a story clip called Bubbles.  The story starts in a beach setting.  In order to help the children retell the story they made large group pictures using a range of collage materials.  Here they are on our working wall.