Last term we were learning all about materials in Science and their properties.  Today we found lots of different objects and thought about what they were made of and why their properties made them a good choice!


A mysterious incident!

Something very strange has been happening in the Year 1 block! A little yellow alien has been spotted getting up to mischief around school and yesterday her spaceship crashed into the classroom! We had so much fun exploring the crash site and looking at all the evidence.

Badger class maths

Money, money, money! We have been learning about number bonds to 10 and money in Maths.  This week, we have been looking at all the different coins and thinking about their value.  We are even going to use the money to buy some things from the Badger shop on Friday!


Treat day on Friday 9th February

The whole of Year 1 have been working so hard that both classes have filled their marble jars and are having a treat day this Friday.


We will wearing our own clothes and there will be lots of fun activities throughout the unit.  Please make sure you wrap up warm in your own clothes as it is very cold!

Well Done to all of Year 1 – keep up the hard work!

Homework due Friday 9th February

We will be revising the digraph ‘ay’ and how it usually comes at the end of a word but sometimes, it is in the middle.

Spellings this week are therefore:


‘ay’ at the end: day, may, play, say, hay, stray, tray, delay

‘ay’ in the middle: mayhem, crayon

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?

Number work:



We will be starting to learn about money this week.

Can you make 20p using only 2p coins? Can you make 20p using only 5p coins? Can you make 20p using only 10p coins?

Have a lovely weekend, and wrap up warm!