Following our work on Iris Scott, today we drew shapes using just our finger. We had to make sure that we did not have much paint on our finger so that the shape outline was defined. Next we shaded around our shape. This time we had to change our technique and put more paint on our finger in order to create a more textured look. Here are some of our finished masterpieces!


After going on our ‘tour bus’, we talked about all of the different local community heroes that we saw. Last week in Geography we drew a map of all the different places that we saw and we discussed the community heroes who work there. Can you remember who our community heroes are? (Please comment below for a merit.)

Maths and Computing

In Maths we have learnt the following positional language: under/ in/ on/ in front of/ on /over/ next to/ in between/ behind/ half turn/ whole turn/ left/ right. Firstly they followed a set of instructions, showing their understanding of positional language. Then they completed their own set of algorithms (a set of instructions) in order to programme a Beebot and get it to move from one position to another.


Last term in Science we thought about which materials are waterproof and which materials are not. We did this by wrapping a play person in different materials, put it in the water, took it out and then checked to see if it was still dry or now wet. This term we are going to be looking at our senses. Can you remember the five senses? If you comment below you will get a merit!


Black History Workshop

We were very lucky to have a Big Foot performer come in and tell us some traditional African tales. She then taught us to do a tableau (which means to freeze to show a story). Next we helped her to tell another story by acting out various roles. We were a magic sack, some rocks, a mermaid and a cave. We also learnt how to work as a team. Here are some photos of us taking part.


Hedgehogs in Black and White

During History we looked at a picture of Selsdon in 1965, it was at this point that I realised that a lot of the children thought that in 1965 colour did not exist. To rectify this misconception we changed ourselves to be in black and white to prove that colour does exist but the photograph is in black and white.  Once again the children recalled how to take a photo on the ipad and then learnt how to change the colour to be in black and white.