Happy Easter!

Believe it or not,  today would have been the first day of the Easter holidays. We won’t be posting any school based activities over this time but here are a few ideas of some things you can do. If you need anything, remember to leave a comment for us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

CBeebies Ideas

Toucan Box Ideas

Woodland Trust Ideas

Good To Know Ideas

Audible Free Audiobooks for Children

Let us know in the comments if you try any of these things!

200 Jokes for Kids — Funny Jokes for Kids

From The Year 1 Team

3/4/20 – Geography Lesson

Today, we’re going on a VIRTUAL tour of London!

What’s special about London? It’s our country’s capital city! And it’s where we live!

Watch this video carefully.

Now make a poster, fact file or a piece of writing about London! Use the facts that you saw in the video but feel free to do more research if you want!

Comment below your favourite thing that you’ve learned about London!

Maths- Friday challenge! 3/4/2020

Over the last couple of weeks we have been practicing our adding and subtracting skills.

Now we have a challenge!

Number Round Up

Arrange the numbers 1 to 6 in each set of circles below.

The sum of each side of the triangle should equal the number in the centre of the triangular shape.

9 10

11 12


Once you’ve had a chance to think about it, have a look below to see how three different pupils began working on the task.


Dan said:

“I used counters which had 1 to 6 on them.

I put the counters in a triangle in any old way, then I added up the sides.

Then I moved the counters around to try and get the right total on each side.”


Emma said:

“I noticed that three of the numbers are odd (1,3 and 5) and three of the numbers are even (2,4 and 6).  I thought this might help.

I know that 9 is an odd number so it can be made using odd + odd + odd or using even + even + odd.”


Farah said:

“If I want a small total on each side, I’ll need small numbers in the corners of the triangle.”


Can you take each of these starting ideas and develop it into a solution?

Hope you have all be keeping safe!

Year 1 team

English 03/04/2020

Today you are going to create a character that the pirate meets on the deserted island. You will draw the character and label it using as many adjectives (describing words) as you can.

Here is an example:

Remember to form your letters correctly, have spaces between the words and if you make a mistake (like Miss Rix) put one line through it.

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The Year 1 Team

2/4/20 PSHE Lesson

Today we are going to make a positivity jar! If you don’t have a spare jar, ANY container or bag will do!

Positivity Jar Instructions

Feel free to take a picture of your positivity jar or container and upload a picture if you can. If not, perhaps you would like to write a comment on what your jar looks like and what notes you wrote to put inside it!

When you’ve finished, listen to and watch this story about a little mouse who had to be brave.