Supporting Children that are at Home!

Dear Parents/Carers,

In light of the current situation, the Year 1 teachers would like to inform you that we are creating support for children who are unwell or forced to isolate as a form of prevention.

Every day, we will upload on the Year 1 blog the activities carried out in class that day. In this way, the children at home will be accessing the same learning and activities as everybody else.

Please, send your child’s work to us at the following Year 1 email address:

We would like to thank you for your support and cooperation, and we are sure we are going to see fantastic work!!!

We hope this meets the needs and the expectations of children and parents.

The Year 1 Teachers

Supertato making

Year 1 Superhero Day

As part of our Superhero theme we would like all children to come to school dressed as a Superhero of their choice on Monday 2nd November.

Please ensure your child’s costume is suitable to take part in sports. We look forward to seeing all of their fantastic costumes.

Have a lovely, relaxing half term.

Stay Safe

Year 1 Team

Phonics 23/10

Recap on this week’s sounds:

Write the sounds ‘oi’, ‘oa’, ‘ar’, ‘or’ on a piece of paper.

Ask the child if they can remember what sounds they make?

What do you know what has these sounds in them?

Where in the word can you hear the sound?

Write down the words you can remember for each sound.

 Email your work to

Friday 23rd – Expressive Arts and Design

Hello Everybody!

Below are our in class Early Years activities for Expressive Arts and Design; this week, focusing on Rosa Parks…

Additional resources for intro and Activity 1: the first video

We can’t wait to see some pictures of what you have achieved today – please email us at

Stay safe.

Miss S 🙂

Friday Maths

Maths Friday

During Maths this week, we have been looking at one more and one less. Today we will be combining them both.

To warm up, listen to this counting song from 10 -20.

Next you will need your number line, as printed or drawn yesterday, and your number cards from Tuesday.

You need to choose a number between 1-20 and show it to your child.

You child will need to write the number in the middle of a piece of paper. On the left side of the paper they need to write the number that is one less and one the right the number that is one more.

An example may look something like this:

Practice with smaller numbers and then get higher. Again, try to use all of the numbers until the pile of number cards to 20 have all been used.

You can email us some pictures and comments about how your child is getting on to:

Thank you

Miss Kirby and the Year 1 team. 

23/10 Literacy

Today we are acting out our own super veg storyline alone or with a partner (e.g. parent, sibling).

E.g. 1 veg is the superhero and the other is the villain. Send us videos of your acting!

CHALLENGE: Verbally explain what your super veg looks like. e.g. He is big and red.

Please email your work to

Phonics 22/10

Today’s digraph will be the ‘or’ sound.

 Show Geraldine Giraffe looking at ‘or’ sounds:

Write a list of ‘or’ words. Where can you hear the ‘or’ sound in the words?

What can you see in the pictures below?

Challenge children to blend the words in their heads and then read the word.

Can you think of any other words that have the  ‘or’ sound in and write them down?

Read the following sentences:

The cord got torn.

The ship is in the port.

They were born in the morning.


Can you write a sentence with the  ‘or’ sound?

Email your work to

Maths Thursday

Maths Thursday

For today’s lesson we will focus on one less than a number.

Ask your child if they know how to count down from 20 to 0.

Practice this by singing along to:

Today you will need to provide your child with small objects up to 20 or allow them time to draw representations of the numbers as you go through. It also may be helpful if they have a number line to support them. This could be printed, or the children could hand draw something like this:

For our activity today, you will need to show the children how to play the game and then you can help them to check and count the number of objects.

1st: Place the number cards upside down on a table.

2nd: Pick any of the cards and say the number.

3rd: Show the number using objects or drawings.

4th Take one object away (if drawn, cross off).

5th Count or say how many objects are left.

6th Check together.

Once this has been done, place the number card face up and to the side. You will then need to repeat the process until all of the number cards have gone.

Email us some pictures and comments about how your child is getting on to

Thank you

Miss Kirby and the Year 1 team.