Homework due Thursday 23rd May

We will be continuing to recap sounds next week in Phonics.  We will be looking at the split digraphs, which is when a digraph (two letters) is split by a consonant it becomes a split digraph.  Can you think of your own words with these sounds in?


Spellings this week are therefore:

shake, scrape, frame, chime, smile, use, excuse, volume, alone, explode

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


We are doing subtraction maths stories using numbers to 20 in maths.  Can you write the equations for these maths stories?

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 17.22.23.png

Have a lovely weekend!


Squirrel class treat day – Friday 17th May

Squirrel class have worked so well as a team that they have filled their marble jar!


They have voted to come into school on Friday 17th May in their own clothes or pyjamas and bring in their favourite teddy. We are going to  have a teddy bears picnic where the children will be given fruit.

Well Done Squirrels for working so hard this term, keep it up!

We are poets….

In English we have transformed ourselves in poets.  We went onto the field to collect some buttercups for inspiration. We then thought about adjectives to describe them using our senses. Once we write down our ideas we shared them as a class and Miss Shakes wrote down some rhyming  words that we came up with as a class. Finally we wrote our own poems  which we will perform on Friday. 

Gardening in Squirrel class

We have been learning about plants in Science. We have even planted our own beans to see if they grow. We have observed that the beans grows a shoot and then it keeps growing and forms a stem and some leaves. Can you spot the different stages of the life cycle of the bean? 

Hedgehogs have green fingers!

In science this term we are learning about plants. We planted a bean and have been observing his changes. Some plants as you can see are growing quicker than others (hopefully the rest catch up soon).

We have learnt about the parts of a plant and its functions. We will continue to observe our plants over the next two weeks.
Can you spot any plants outside of school and look to see  if they have a flower or fruit?

Hedgehogs can subtract within 20

Hedgehogs have been doing lots of place value work. Today we use dienes to subtract numbers within 20. We worked with our learning partner and took turn to work our the equations. We also created our own star words and thought about the vocabulary we may need to use today.  For example; subtract, take away, minus, less, fewer

Hedgehogs reciting poems

​​this term we are learning about sports. We have looked at the features of poem, what a poet is and we have identified rhyming words in poems. We also chanted some rhymes and found poetry features in  those too. 

We learnt a poem called ‘Planting a seed’ off by heart and recited it with actions. 

What rhymes do you remember that has features of a poem in them?