Squirrels Make Fans

Today we made African fans by pleating paper and creating colourful patterns.


ALL YEAR 1 – Harvest Festival

To celebrate Harvest Festival we are donating to a charity which helps people who do not have any food.

If you have any spare tinned food, such as beans, tinned fruit, spaghetti hoops etc. or dry food, such as pasta, please bring it in to support them.

Please bring the food in this week, as on Friday it will all be collected.

Thank you,

Year 1

ALL YEAR 1 – Half-Term Topic

This half-term’s focus is Black History Month and our project is…

The Lion King!

Our children will start by watching the Disney classic before generating artwork by exploring The Lion King story, its characters, settings and environment.

The children will create an installation, inspired by the story and exhibit the artwork in their own gallery. Parents will be invited to view children’s work at their gallery and the children will have the opportunity to travel and view the gallery of our Federation School, Heavers Farm Primary.

Subjects with a ‘Lion King focus’ will be English, Reading, Art, D&T, Geography, History, Science, Music and Computing.

Other subjects being taught are PE, RE, PSHE, Phonics, Maths and Guided Reading.​

Be ready to hear Hakuna Matata in your homes!!!

Squirrels count in maths

In maths this week Squirrels are learning how to use ten frames this week. They are working hard to add and count using this new resource. We are counting and adding the cubes together to find out the total amount. Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

Badgers: Maths Mastery

In Badger class, we really enjoyed our first ‘formal’ Maths lesson today! We follow the Mathematics Mastery scheme which you can look at online. We are hoping to have a workshop soon to tell you all about it!

Today we were looking at how to use a ‘Tens Frame’. We used this to represent and compare numbers, using cubes and number cards. We worked in partners today, but it will be a mixture of pair work and individual work during lessons. We used a big picture of the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story to practice representing numbers with cubes. We were able to then use this to compare numbers by picking two number cards and working out which was the greater number.

Great maths work today, Badger class!


Proud to be me

We loved having lots of our adults coming in to celebrate all our hard work this year at our ‘Proud to be Me’ afternoon.  Here are some pictures of us showing our different families and some of our beautiful work this year.