We have been writing stories this week in English about bubbles that take you on an adventure. In our story, a little girl goes on an underwater adventure, so we made underwater pictures in Art using salt to make a bubble effect for the background and then adding sea creatures. 

Where would you like to go on your adventure? 


Measuring the weather in Squirrel class

We have been learning about weather in science. Last week we were observing the weather and recording our observations on weather charts, but this week week have been thinking about the special instruments we can use to measure the weather. We can use thermometers to measure temperature, rain gauges to measure rainfall and wind socks to measure wind direction. Here we are using our own wind socks to measure the wind direction in the playground. 

Science and ICT in Badgers

Today in ICT the children were using the Beebot app to program their Beebot to move around the screen.  In Science the children are learning about weather and have made their own wind socks.  We took these outside to see how windy it was on the field.  Here they are enjoying their learning.