Thought For The Week!

Any more suggestions Year 1?

Selsdon Primary School and Nursery


We have an extra special TFTW this week! It’s more of a competition than a thought, but it’ll definitely require everyone to think really hard and get their brains in gear.

As of next term, we’re going to change the house names to reflect the heroes and role models for our children across both our schools. This will not affect your house colours/PE t-shirts, which will remain the same, but you will have some funky new house names!

So, the rules for your suggestions are:

  • The person must be a hero or role model linked to the curriculum.
    • Examples are a writer, poet, scientist, mathematician or sportsperson. But it could be related to any subject you learn in school.
  • You must provide a reason for your choice, tell us why they are a role model to children and what they have done to earn this place.
  • Either leave a comment on the blog…

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