Squirrels- Library leaflets

This week in the Squirrel class we have been thinking about our recent trip to the Selsdon Library. In English we have been working on designing a leaflet for the library featuring interesting facts, things you can do at the library, rules, and directions to get there. Today in art we designed a cover for our leaflets. Here they are!


Voting Time!

Get voting Year 1

Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

Thank you all for your excellent homework submissions this week, we’ve all made some really good insights into the potential house names.

Now that we’ve all done loads and loads of research, it’s time for the extra fun part… The voting!

So children, have a look below at the polls, and vote carefully for the person you want to be your house namesake.

Remember, teachers and parents, this is the children’s choice, so let’s let them do the voting!





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Homework this week


In Science we are learning about keeping healthy. For homework we would like you to do something to show what you do to keep healthy. You could make a poster, keep a diary, draw a picture, make a collage of photos, make a model, film a video – be creative and have fun!

Tricky Words:

This week we have been learning how to read and write these tricky words. If you could practise them at home with your child it would be hugely helpful.

said, because, what, could, should, maybe.

Footballing Hedgehogs

During this half term in PE Year 1 has been learning football skills. The children have built up their skills over the last few weeks and today practised and developed their dribbling, passing and shooting. Here are some of Hedgehogs in action today.


It’s a Messy Business!


Hello Year 1. We are planning on doing some messy work in Art over the next few weeks – including making clay models. In order to keep your uniform lovely and clean we would like to build up our collection of protective clothing! If you have any old adult shirts or t-shirts at home, which you do not need any more, we will happily accept them at school to use for children to wear during Art lessons. They would be perfect for covering up and keeping us clean. We would want to keep hold of these “aprons” so please don’t bring us anything that you want back.

Thank you.

Year 1 Team

Team Points for Reading

We have been talking to the children this week about how they can earn team points for reading at home. If you write a comment (or even just your initials) in the “comment” box alongside the title of your child’s book for every day in a week we will give your child ten team points. Reading at home is a fundamental part of the practice needed to develop children’s reading skills and we hope this will provide a little extra motivation! We know how many of you read regularly at home with your children and this is invaluable – so we wanted to be clear on what we need to see in the Reading Diaries to be able to award these points.

Happy Reading!

Year 1 Team