Hedgehog Doubling

This week in Maths we are learning about halving and doubling. Today we began by exploring how to double a number. Here are some of the Hedgehogs using different resources to find doubles.



Continents and Oceans

In Geography this half term we are learning about the world’s oceans and continents. Here is a song that Hedgehogs have enjoyed listening to!

Measuring with the Squirrels

This week in maths we have been learning about measuring mass. First we measured by holding items and judging which one was heavier. Here we are using scales to measure how many kilograms  different objects weigh. Tomorrow we are going to be recording what we found.



Animal Homework


In science we have begun learning about animals. For homework this week we would like you to show us your favourite animal (or bird). It could be a pet, an animal you would find in a zoo, on a farm, or in the water. You could make the animal out of different materials, draw a picture, create a collage or poster, use photos, or make a video. Be creative and have fun!

Homework This Week


For your homework this week we would like you to talk to your family about fairy tales or traditional tales they remember from their childhood.   They can be from any country and be well-known or more unusual.   Feel free to display how you choose, by making a video, designing a storyboard, or by writing the story in your books.   Be creative and have fun.