Badgers – bring your teddy to school


As part of the film afternoon for filling their marble jar, the children have asked if they can bring their favourite teddy with them and I have agreed. Hope to see lots of furry friends tomorrow.

Deborah Hawkes


Superhero Homework


After the Easter holidays in Literacy we will be writing about superheroes. For homework over the holidays we would like to you do something about your favourite superhero. You could write about them, draw them, make a puppet of them – be as creative as you like.

Although homework is normally due in on a Wednesday, it would be really helpful if as many children as possible could bring it in on the first day of term. We will be sharing thoughts about our favourite superheroes in our Literacy lesson on Monday 12th April.

Have a fabulous Easter!

Class Reward for Badgers


Badgers have filled their marble jar and so have the opportunity to choose a class treat.   They voted yesterday and decided on a film afternoon.   This will take place on Thursday after lunch when we will transform our classroom into a cinema!

This will not be a mufti day so the children will come in dressed in their usual uniform. They are welcome to bring in any DVDs from home and we will vote what to watch.

Any queries, please let me know.

Deborah Hawkes



In the Squirrel class this week we have been learning a dance to music from Africa. We moved like different animals, danced tog there in a circle, and pretended to beat our drums. It was lots of fun!



Helping Homework

This week in PHSE we have been thinking about helping others. For homework we would like you to think about the different ways you can help people – maybe at home, in school or in the wider community. Can you make something to show us what you could do? Be as creative as you can.

Friday 18th March – Sport Relief

We hope to see you all looking super sporty tomorrow!

Selsdon Primary School and Nursery


This Friday is Sport Relief and for a £1 donationyou can wear your own sporty clothesto school.

During the day each of the classes will be seeing if they can run a marathon between them, adding up the amount of laps that each child achieved within the given time.

I wonder which of the classes will be able to add up their laps and run the furthest?


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