Squirrels are Turning…

This week in the Squirrel class we have been learning about turns. We have been doing quarter, half, three quarter and full turns with our bodies and then shapes and pencils. Here we are showing the different turns.



Olympic Homework


This week in Topic we learnt about the first Olympic Games. Over half term we would like you do a piece of homework about the modern day Olympics. You could research an Olympic event, a famous athlete or the country where the next Olympics will be held. You could make a poster, write your research, draw pictures, make a collage, take photographs. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Art Homework


Homework this week is to create a piece of art related to our Science topic of plants. You could paint, draw, make a collage, construct a model or take photographs. Be as creative as you can. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.


Birthday Banners

One of our Hedgehogs’ parents has kindly given me a batch of Happy 6th Birthday banners which they have left over from a bulk buy. If you would like one please ask at the Hedgehogs’ door after school today. The first 6 or so of you will be lucky!

Ms Gomulka

Natural Art

Today Hedgehogs combined their Science learning with Art as they created a natural scene from materials found outside in the school grounds. I think the results are beautiful.


Hedgehogs on History

This week in history we talked about Rosa Parks and the important role she played in the struggle for equality in America. Here is how the Hedgehogs recorded what they learned.