Trainers for Sports Day

adidas-mens-adidas-trainers-mens-superstar-pure-white-42959Please note that all children need to wear trainers for Sports Day next week (not plimsolls).

Thank you


Sports Day – 5th July

Dear Parents

We need some volunteers from amongst you to help out with Sports Day this year and at the moment no-one has been able to offer their time. If you would be able to come with your child’s class to help look after the children we would be very grateful. Please do let us know if you can help.

Many thanks

Ms Gomulka, Mrs Hawkes and Mrs Huse.

History Homework

This week, we would like you to find out about what life was like for your parents/carers/guardians/family members when they were growing up. How was their life growing up different from yours now? Once you have found out lots of information you can record your findings using a poster, picture, factsheet or any other way you can think of! You could ask them:

  • What toys did you play with?
  • What music did you listen to?
  • What did you do in your spare time?
  • What books did you read?
  • What was school like?

Magic Potion

In the Squirrel class this week we have been applying our knowledge of capacity by measuring in millilitres. We followed a recipe to create a margin invisibility potion.mthe children took turns measuring, pouring, and stirring. We used ingredients such as dragon blood, troll bogies, inky slime, fairy tears, and frog breath. We tested the potion on a frog. Sadly he did not become invisible. Maybe next time!


Maths Parent Workshops

Just a reminder that we have our Maths Parent Workshops in Year 1 next week. These are an opportunity to find out about the way we are teaching Maths under the new curriculum and to work on a problem-solving investigation together with your child. All the workshops are from 9am – 9.30am in the classroom. Here are the dates:

Monday 20th June – Hedgehogs

Tuesday 21st June – Badgers

Wednesday 22nd June – Squirrels


New Skill Homework

Learn a new skill!

That’s right! This week your homework is to learn a new skill. It can be anything from learning how to do a handstand to making a healthy smoothie! To tell us what you’ve learnt you could take photos, draw a picture or write about it.

Here are some ideas…

Learn to do a forward roll

How to cook something

Do some origami

Learn a new sport

Learn to tie your shoelaces

Learn some words in a new language

Make sure it’s something you couldn’t do before and have fun!