Maths challenge

Squirrel class had a challenge today in Maths.  We had to use our positional language to describe which order to put our cubes in.  We used words like ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘side’ and ‘on top of’ to describe where to put the cubes.  Here we are having a go!


Our knowledge is growing!

We have been learning all about plants in Science so we put on science detective hats and went outside to see what we could find! We used our descriptive language to help our friends identify all the different plants.

The Hedgehog marble jar is full!

Hedgehog class have filled their marble jar!

Tomorrow, Thursday 25th May, the children can come to school in mufti. They are also allowed to bring in a toy of their choosing, however, please do not bring in anything electronic or breakable.

We will be playing games on the field so please wear trainers/PE shoes. There will be the opportunity for the children to find some shade outside, however, I believe the weather is going to be hot tomorrow so please remember a hat.

marble jar


Hedgehog class have been learning to  identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants.

Here are some photographs of them planting their own bean seeds.