Animal workshop

We had a fantastic time at the animal workshop this week! We had been learning all about animals in Science so we really enjoyed seeing some of them in real life.  Here we are holding some of the animals.


Animals Animals Animals!

Hedgehog class saw some amazing animals today!

The animals in the photos are: Madagascan hissing cockroach, chinchilla, white Australian tree frog, corn snake, tiger salamander, Mexican red knee tarantula and a crested gecko.

Can you spot all the different animals?

Which animal is your favourite?


Being healthy

We have been discussing what we can do to keep ourselves healthy.  Last week we made fruit salads as a healthy snack and this week we have been talking about other things we can do and eat to keep ourselves healthy.  Here we are preparing and enjoying our healthy snack!



We have been learning about division in Year 1.  We know that is we are dividing something we are splitting it into equal parts or groups.  Here we are investigating different numbers and seeing if we can divide them by two.  We noticed a pattern with odd and even numbers – can you think what it could be?