Homework due Wednesday 1st November 2017


For next half term the spellings will be based on some high frequency words and some words using phonemes taught in class.

-igh words: night, light, bright, high, fight

High frequency words: me, down, dad, big, when


Please make sure you are reading every day and recording what you read in your reading diary.

Have a lovely half-term break!


Whats the time Mr Wolf?

We have been learning all about time in Maths.  We have been thinking about what time of the day we do things at school and how to show these times on the clock.  Here we are passing the time learning about time!

Staying safe in the dark

We have been learning all about how the length of the days change in the different seasons – in Summer the days are longer and in Winter the days are shorter.  As we are now in Winter and the days are getting shorter, we have been thinking about how we can stay safe in the dark.  Here are some of our posters with our advice!

Homework due Wednesday 18th October 2017

Next week we will be using natural materials in art.  Please collect a range of materials that can be used.  These may include, conkers, conker shells, leaves, acorns, or anything similar.


then, were, go, little, saw, make, mum, one, them, do.

Extension: use the words in sentences of your own.


Write out each word from your spellings, form each letter correctly.


Read with an adult at home every day and record what you have read in your reading diary (an adult can help you with this).