We have started a new topic in Maths and we are now learning about halving.  We will be halving shapes, objects and numbers.  Here we are showing what we already know about halving.  Can you find anything at home that you could half?



We have been learning about recounts in English.  Last week we were recounting our morning routine, so we had to remember all of the details about what we do in the morning and put them into the right order.

After our fantastic trip to the church we are now trying to recount that.  Here we are thinking about what order the events happened in when we went to the church.  I wonder if you can remember what we did first?

Homework due Friday 1st December 2017

We will be doing our spelling test on Friday next week.  This means that we can do some practise at school and we have some extra time to practise at home.

Spellings this week are:


was, warm, swan, wand, wash, wallet, warn, watch, wander, water.  

What do you notice about the ‘a’ in these words? What sound does it make?

Number work:


Practise counting up to 20.  Can you pick a number and say which number comes before and which number comes after that number? What could you use to help you?