Homework due Friday 26th January

We have been so impressed with how well Year 1 have been doing with their spellings and number work.  Keep it up the hard work!

Next week, we will be learning about the ‘a’ in Phonics and how it can make two different sounds.  For example, in fat it makes the short ‘a’ sound and in fast it makes the long ‘a’ sound.

Spellings this week are therefore:


Short ‘a’ sound: fat, cat, pan, hand, man

Long ‘a’ sound: fast, path, pass, last, mast

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?

Number work:


We are starting measurement in Maths next week, and we will be comparing different objects to see which is bigger and which is smaller.  Can you make yourself a ruler we can use for measuring by writing your numbers from 0-20, making sure all your numbers are the right way round.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Homework due Friday 26th January

    1. We will be talking about different accents and how it can change the way people say words. How exciting that some children will be able to share their first-hand experience of this!

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