Celebrating Spring

We have had a fun last few days at school. We have been learning about why some people give Easter eggs and about all the new life that starts in spring. For example, lambs being born, new flowers growing and chicks hatching. We had fun designing Spring and Easter cards and even designing our own Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt in the classroom! Can you spot where some of the Easter eggs were hiding?


Homework due Thursday 29th March 2018

We will be learning about the ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ endings in Phonics this week, along with some irregular verb endings and alternative spellings.

Spellings this week are therefore:

They, their, there, showing, playing, asking, walked, started, climbed, spoke

Image result for ed and ing

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?

We will be learning about time in Maths next week.  Could you write down what you do during a particular day.  For example

  • At 7 o’clock I got out of bed.
  • At 8 o’clock I ate my breakfast

Image result for children telling time clipart

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year 1 team

Animal art

We have been learning about animals in Science and there are lots of cheeky animals that steal Handa’s fruit in Handa’s Surprise, which we have been reading in English, so in Art we have been making animal masks, creating animals out of paper plates and even designing our own dream pets (like a flying dog with a unicorn horn!)

Heavy and light 

We have been learning about weight in Maths this week.  We have been looking at objects that are heavy and light and that weigh the same.  We even discovered that sometimes things that are big can be light and little things can be heavy.  Here we are exploring weight. 

Handa’s Surprise 

We have been reading Handa’s Surprise in English this week. We have been thinking about the characters in the story and the setting. Here we are acting out the story (we tried really hard to use our big voices)!



Year 1 Library Trip

We had so much fun on our trip to Selsdon Library.  We saw lots of books in the library but also audiobooks, comics and even computers!

A huge thank you to all the adults that were able to help and a big well done to all the children in Badger and Squirrel class for being superstars on their trips.