Spelling Homework due Friday 4th May

We will be learning about various sound families in Phonics next week which include the split diagraphs a_e,  i_e,  o_e,  u_e.

Spellings this week are therefore: plane, spray,  training, threw, rescue, costume, whole, throat, prize, quiet.

Image result for split digraph



Badgers growing beans

Today in Science the children were using their observation skills to examine their planted beans.  Here they are showing how much they have grown.


Double the fun

This week in Maths we have been learning about doubling.  We now know that doubling is when you add the same number again, so it becomes twice as big.  Here we are having a go, using objects to help us!


We have been learning all about the seven continents in Topic.  This week we have been learning about the continent Australasia and the country Australia.  Here we are creating our own boomerangs, using a journey stick to collect memories from our journey and creating our own Aboriginal art!

How to trap a dragon!

We think that we found a dragon that was hurt in the classroom (can you see his tail poking out from under the blanket?) so we started to think about how we could write instructions to trap a dragon if it was hurt.

Some of our ideas were to dig a hole for it to fall into, to use a magic wand to shrink it so that we could catch it or to build it a house and put some meat inside to lure it in and then lock the door!