Homework due Friday 6th July 2018

Next week in Phonics we will be looking at word endings – ing, es and ve.  Therefore the spelling homework will be:

shave, glove, alive, above, crying, feeling, raining, singing, matches, branches

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In English we have been learning all about poetry. We discovered that some poems have rhyming words and repeating patterns but some have neither. We also rehearsed and performed one of our favourite poems. Here we are using our best loud voices. 




We are proud

We have been talking in Squirrel class about how we are all different but all equal. Today, we made lots of different crafts that celebrated things we are proud of and ways that we are different. Here we are having fun!

Pride Month year one “ All different, all equal “.

Although taken from our colleagues at Heavers, this shows the same learning as Y1 Selsdon.

Heavers Year 1



Some families have asked about how year one focus on Equality. We have been reading and acting out: “ Giraffes can’t dance “  by Giles Andreae https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kVzblgpqQnk

We have also been using our PSHE lessons to understand what equality means with enquiry-based learning as below:

What If…?

What if your class are skipping in PE and your teacher says
that only children with brown hair are allowed a turn?

Is this right? Is this fair? What could the teacher do
to treat the children more fairly?

What If…?

What if you fall and hurt your knee and the teacher gives everyone
in the class a plaster for their knee so that it is fair.

Is this right? Is this fair?

Does equality always mean that everyone has be treated the same?

The discussions have been very lively – can you share them at home ?

Aswell as the above, we continue our…

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We have been writing stories this week in English about bubbles that take you on an adventure. In our story, a little girl goes on an underwater adventure, so we made underwater pictures in Art using salt to make a bubble effect for the background and then adding sea creatures. 

Where would you like to go on your adventure? 

Measuring the weather in Squirrel class

We have been learning about weather in science. Last week we were observing the weather and recording our observations on weather charts, but this week week have been thinking about the special instruments we can use to measure the weather. We can use thermometers to measure temperature, rain gauges to measure rainfall and wind socks to measure wind direction. Here we are using our own wind socks to measure the wind direction in the playground.