Homework due Thursday 6th December

This is our last week of tricky words in Phonics.  From next week we will have spelling that are linked to the sounds we are learning.


Spellings this week are therefore:

if, help, Mrs, called, here, off, asked, saw, make, an

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


In Maths, we are going to be practising subtraction next week.  Can you pick any number between 0-20 and subtract 2 by counting back?


Badgers: Making Jam Sandwiches!

This week we have been looking at instructions in English. We looked at how to use bossy verbs and time words to be able to tell someone how to complete a task. We realised we had to be really clear in our instructions otherwise the person doing the task might get it wrong!

We used the idea of making a jam sandwich to think about specific instructions. We first worked out what the correct order should be by sticking down the instructions step by step. Then we decided to test our instructions by actually making the (vegan!) jam sandwich! We thought it was very yummy. Some of us don’t like jam so we made bread and butter sandwiches instead!

Can you remember the instructions well enough to make the sandwich again at home?

Badgers: Smelly Scientists!

We have been learning about the five senses and this week, our focus was on our sense of smell. To investigate some different smells, we decided to have an experiment. Miss Gordon prepared four pots that each had something different inside them, but they were covered up so we couldn’t see what it was. We then had to take it in turns to sniff them and write down what we thought was inside the pot!

The four things that we were smelling were bananas, perfume, coffee and pencil sharpenings (which was definitely the hardest smell to identify!)


On Monday, Year 1 will be delivering an assembly to the rest of the school all about what we have learnt so far this year.  We will be singing lots of our songs and acting out the story of the Little Red Hen.

If you would like to come and watch, please join us in the hall at 09.30 (if you cannot attend, don’t worry we will take lots of pictures and videos!).  If you would like to practise the songs over the weekend, there is a link below.

Months of the Year Song

Days of the Week Song

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Year 1 Team

Homework due Thursday 29th November

We will be continuing to practise our high frequency words in Phonics next week.  We have learnt the rhyme “Oh you lucky duck” to help us remember all the letters in the word ‘could’ (and ‘should’ and ‘would’!)


Spellings this week are therefore:

put, could, house, old, too, by, day, made, time, I’m

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


In Maths, we are going to be practising addition next week.  Can you pick any number between 0-20 and add 2 by counting on?

Badgers: Picasso Pictures

Picasso Pics

In art this week, we looked at some portraits that were painted by Pablo Picasso. We realised that he painted people in a very funny way and we decided to recreate his pictures. We cut his portraits in half and drew our version on the other side to create our own Picasso Pictures. They are very colourful and a little bit crazy!

Can you find a picture at home, cut it in half and recreate the other side?