Making a spaceship

We are learning about Beegu, who travelled across the galaxy in her spaceship and Amelia Earhart, who flew across the Atlantic in her aeroplane ‘The Canary’. We are therefore going to design and make our own spaceships so we would really love some junk modelling donations. 

Here are some examples, including cardboard boxes, milk bottles, kitchen roll tubes (please do not bring toilet roll tubes for hygiene reasons). 

Thank you!



This week we have been working hard to find number bonds. We worked in pairs with a part whole model to find parts of whole numbers.

For example: Number 5

Four is a part

One is a part

Five is the whole


Ordering numbers in Squirrel class

We have been learning about place value in Maths. We have learnt that in a two-digit number the digit on the left represents the tens and the digit on the right represents the ones. This week we will be using that knowledge to order numbers.

E.g. I know that 45 is greater than 23 because 45 has four tens and 23 only has two. 

Testing materials

The Jolly Postman sent us a letter because his old bag was broken and all his letters were getting wet, so Squirrel class have been designing and creating bags for him made out of different materials. The bags needed to be strong and waterproof. We tested metal, plastic, paper, fabric, wood and even glass! 

Homework due Thursday 31st January

We are recapping the sounds that we have already learnt so far this year.  The digraphs in the spellings this week are sk, mp, st and tr.


Spellings this week are therefore:

desk, whisk, lamp, chimp, chest, toast, beast, standing, trip, tree

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


In Maths, we are counting in twos, fives and tens.  Can you practise counting forwards and backwards in twos, fives and tens? Can you complete these number patterns?

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 14.16.21.png

Have a lovely weekend.