Investigating length 

In maths this week we have been learning about length and height. We measured rash others height using cubes and then we put ourselves in height order.
Miss Shakes gave us play doh and asked to roll out snakes and compare them with our learning partner. We had to ensure we were using our measurements star words.

Today’s during maths meeting we put our shoes in order of length, we compared them and discussed why we thought one was longer than the other.

Can you find some items at home that you would compare the lengths of?






Homework due Thursday 28th March

We will be learning about adjectives and adverbs this week in English.  These are describing words we will be using to make our writing more exciting!


Spellings this week are therefore:

smooth, tall, small, large, quickly, loudly, neatly, sadly, happily, bravely

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


We are learning about measurement.  Can you compare the length of three different things in your house? Can you use the words: short, shorter and shortest or long, longer and longest?

Have a lovely weekend!

Hedgehogs trip to our local library 

We went on a trip to our local library in Selsdon, we walked and braved the strong winds.

When we got there the librarian introduced herself and explained the layout of the library, she then read a book to us. We were allowed to go off and explore our books in the library, some of the adults that came with us also read some stories to us. We needed they trip by doing a scavenger book hunt.

We had lots of fun! 

Have you been to the library since our trip?

Homework due Thursday 21st March

We have been learning about animals in English and Science.  The spellings this week are words we have been using in our writing that we need to practise.


Spellings this week are therefore:

tail, eyes, body, eat, animal, teeth, beak, feathers, ears, live

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them? For example, penguins live in Antarctica.


For number work, can you practise your 2s, 5s and 10s. Make sure you can count forwards and backwards and starting from any point.

Have a lovely weekend!

100 day party 

We have had 100 Maths Meeting so today we had a 100 day party. We thought about how we would look when we are 100, how many teeth a shark might have, and how many groups of 10 are in 100.  Did you know if you walk 100 steps from the classroom, you end up at the top of the field?