May Half Term – Homework

There are no spellings to practise over the May Half Term, however please make sure you are doing lots of reading.  As always, we would love to hear about anything exciting you have read, which could be a book or a newspaper, or something more unusual like a set of instructions or even a road sign!


There are also some phonics activities below which you could do to become phonics superstars!

Have a lovely half term and see you on the 3rd June!


Junk modelling donations please

Our whole school theme this term is ‘Love Our Planet’ and we have been learning about recycling and different things we can do to protect our planet.  In D&T we have designed an invention to tidy up our planet so we would really love some junk modelling donations to bring our ideas to life.

Here are some examples, including cardboard boxes, milk bottles, kitchen roll tubes (please do not bring toilet roll tubes for hygiene reasons).

Thank you!

Improving our playing 

In Geography we are learning about our local area, we mapped our our playground and identified the features. We drew our finding and identified the human and physical features. We have worked outside in groups and using our maps we used the keywords; near, far, right and left to create questions about where particular features are ion our playground. For example; what is near to the dining hall? What is to the right of the tree?
How could we improve our playground? 

Homework due Thursday 23rd May

We will be continuing to recap sounds next week in Phonics.  We will be looking at the split digraphs, which is when a digraph (two letters) is split by a consonant it becomes a split digraph.  Can you think of your own words with these sounds in?


Spellings this week are therefore:

shake, scrape, frame, chime, smile, use, excuse, volume, alone, explode

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


We are doing subtraction maths stories using numbers to 20 in maths.  Can you write the equations for these maths stories?

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 17.22.23.png

Have a lovely weekend!

Squirrel class treat day – Friday 17th May

Squirrel class have worked so well as a team that they have filled their marble jar!


They have voted to come into school on Friday 17th May in their own clothes or pyjamas and bring in their favourite teddy. We are going to  have a teddy bears picnic where the children will be given fruit.

Well Done Squirrels for working so hard this term, keep it up!

We are poets….

In English we have transformed ourselves in poets.  We went onto the field to collect some buttercups for inspiration. We then thought about adjectives to describe them using our senses. Once we write down our ideas we shared them as a class and Miss Shakes wrote down some rhyming  words that we came up with as a class. Finally we wrote our own poems  which we will perform on Friday.