Badger Spellings: Due 4/7

Dear Badger Parents:

If your child usually has 5 spellings per week, they are:

fly, eggs, green, leaf, wings

If your child has 10 spellings per week, they are:

hatch, butterfly, flying, caterpillar, hungry, raining, friend, school, house, there

The usual sheets will be sent home on Monday.

Kind regards,

Miss Gordon


Homework due Thursday 4th July

We will be continuing to practise grammar rules for the rest of the term.  This week we have been learning about the past tense.  We have been using ‘-ed’ at the end of the word for the regular past tense and then trying to remember the words that do not follow that rule!


Spellings this week are therefore:

walked, painted, jumped, smiled, screamed, went, ate, ran, was, kept

Can you put them into sentences once you have learnt them?


We have been learning about multiplication and repeated addition in Maths.  If I have five fingers on one hand, how many fingers will I have on two hands? Or three hands? Or four hands? What do you notice?

Can you make up your own maths story for multiplication?

Have a lovely weekend!

The lifecycle of a butterfly 

In English as part of our butterfly topic we have read the story ‘The hungry caterpillar’ and retold the story as a class. We have also been begun learning about the lifecycle of butterflies. We watched a video of the different stages of the lifecycle. Today we ordered the pictures and wrote short snappy sentences about each stage with our learning partner.

Can you remember the other name for a cocoon?

Year 1:Important!

Dear Parents,

In Science and DT this week, we are making rain gauges. Please bring in a large plastic water bottle that you don’t mind your children cutting up! A 2l bottle would be the perfect size.

Thank you!

From Miss Brown, Miss Shakes and Miss Gordon