Sporty Hedgehogs

In PE this week we have been practising for our sports day which is on the morning of Wednesday 10th July. Mr Anthony has been given some tips to improve our athletic skills in time for sports day. 

Which race do you think you need to improve your skills in?


Doubling and halving amounts

Hedgehogs have been using a part whole model to doubling and halve amounts. They worked in pairs to use coins to work out what the whole is. We will continue to practise half of amounts, I challenge you to use coins at home to find half of amounts.

They worked in pairs to use coins to work out what the a

Hedgehogs have been making amounts

In maths this week we are focusing on the value of coins, we worked together to use coins to find the missing amount to make the correct value. We had to do lots of trail and errors.

We also played a sweet shop game where our partner chose a item and we had to chose the correct coins to pay for it then we swapped over.

We found this a fun maths game and we worked very well together.

Money money money 

Hedgehogs are learning about monly this week in maths.

We identified the different coins and sorted them into groups according to the size, shape, colour or their worth.

Today we used pennies to recognise the value of different coins.

Hedgehogs class treat day-Thursday 23rd may 2019

Hedgehog  class have worked so well as a team that they have filled their marble jar!

They have voted to come into school on Thursday 23rd May wearing their pyjamas and bring in their favourite teddy or toy. We are going to have a movie afternoon with snacks and flavoured water.
Well Done Hedgehogs for working so hard this term, keep it up!

Improving our playing 

In Geography we are learning about our local area, we mapped our our playground and identified the features. We drew our finding and identified the human and physical features. We have worked outside in groups and using our maps we used the keywords; near, far, right and left to create questions about where particular features are ion our playground. For example; what is near to the dining hall? What is to the right of the tree?
How could we improve our playground?