We expect all pupils to be reading every night at home and for there to be a comment in the reading diary either by the children or by themselves.

We will also be doing a spelling test every Thursday which will start after half term.  Practising these words each week is very important for improving reading and writing skills.

Fun links:

Click here to go straight to the phonicsplay website.


3 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Badgers have just watched this video and this is what they said:

    Poppy – it was brilliant
    Amina – it was interesting
    Taylan – it was nice
    Rekik – it was tremendous
    Rio – that was very good


  2. Hedgehog class watched this video and they said:
    Sapphire: I loved this video because I liked to hear yourvoice. I liked the sentences too.
    Jamie: You said all the months.
    Amalie I liked this because you were telling us about all the different kinds of weather.
    Zahra: I liked seeing the date.

    Mrs Collier said : A very confident and informational video. Well done!


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