English 10/07

Good morning everyone!

We are lucky enough to be chosen to write letters to the residents of a care home. These elderly people in care homes have not been able to see their family and friends and it has probably been a lonely time for them over lockdown. Therefore, our letters will definitely brighten up their day and put a smile on their faces like in the picture below.

Old Timer, Senior Citizen, Elderly Person: What's in a Name ...

Write the letter to ALL the residents of the care home (we want everyone to feel included). For example- “Dear Residents at James Terry Court”. Remember to use what we’ve done this week already to help you and include the features below.

Include these features:

* Past tense

* Correct beginning and end (Dear

Residents at/Yours sincerely)

* Information about yourself (likes,

dislikes etc)

Here are some ideas as to what you can include in your letters:



-Favourite subjects


-What you do at breaktime/lunchtime

-Friends and family

-Favourite foods

-TV programmes and books


-Personal Interests

-What it has been like since being on lockdown because of Coronavirus

-What measures you are taking to stay safe and healthy.

They can draw a picture at the back of of letter if they wish and they can write MORE THAN ONE letter too.

Challenge: Write questions to the residents. “What do you do during the day?” “Do you like to read?” “What is your favourite TV programme?”.

If you would like to send your letter here is the address:

Community Senior Letters
FAO: Carol Roberts
James Terry Court
90 Haling Park Road
South Croydon 
CR2 6NF 

Please send us pictures of your letters to the year 1 email address.

PE 9/7/20

This week, the PE staff have sent us some brilliant challenges and activities from imoves!

The first challenge is a quick blast workout. This is to get their muscles warmed up before taking part in the main activity.


Another one for this week involves yoga fitness. This activity helps build A strong core and strong muscles. The children will need a small space to perform the moves standing up.


Lastly another quick blast activity to be used just like a cool down.


These activities can be done all week and children can have an aim to try and get better and better at doing the activities by improving their forms as best they can.

PSHE 9/7/20

Good morning everyone!

This month is Pride month. That means we celebrate all the different types of people in the world. During Pride month, and all year round, we remember that in our country, people can be and love ANYONE that they want to. That means that families can be different to one another – someone might have one mum and one dad, two dads or two mums! Some people might live with their grandparents. Some people might live with an aunty or an uncle. Some people might live with carers, who aren’t their parents, but who love them very much!

Let’s read this story to learn a bit more about this. It’s called ‘Part of the Party’. I hope you enjoy it!

Part of the Party

Why do you think some of the animals thought that the invitation was unfair?

Do you think that the party was inclusive in the end? (Inclusive means that everyone could take part!)

Challenge Time! In this story, we saw lots of different families. Can you draw a picture of the family that you live with? Then can you write about them?

It’s amazing that we are all different – that is what makes us special and unique. No matter who you are or who your family is, you are FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT. How awesome is that?!


Maths- 9/7/2020

Happy Thursday!

Today we are going to be continuing with division!

Do you remember all the counting you have been doing over the last couple of weeks?

Today that is going to come in handy!

So far, we have learnt that division is fair sharing and we have been using pictures to help solve our division number sentences.

Today counting in 2s 5s and 10s is going to help us.

Let’s recap on our counting:










If we were given the number sentence

50 ÷ 10=

This is a lot of ticks to draw out and a lot of groups- where we could make a mistake. A more efficient way of working this out is using our times tables.

I hear you ask how?

Well if we look at the number sentence

50 ÷ 10=

50 tells us the number we are counting up to

50 ÷ 10=

10 tells us which times tables we are counting in.

We can use our fingers to help.






How many fingers have you got up?


That’s right- 5

so 50 ÷ 10= 5

Have a go at these:

  1. 30 ÷ 5 =
  2. 40 ÷ 10=
  3. 16 ÷ 2=
  4. 15 ÷ 5=
  5. 90 ÷ 10=
  6. 12 ÷ 2=


Is it possible to do 31 ÷ 10=

why/ why not? Explain your reasoning.


Phonics 09/07

Good morning boys and girls. How is everyone today?

Let’s begin today with some spelling challenges.

Were you able to spell all the tricky words correctly?

Grab your pencil and paper and look at the picture below. What interesting sentence can you think of and write for me?

Today we are going to revisit the sounds of /wh/ /ph/ and /kn/

Can you put an of the words you practised reading today into your own sentences?

Have a great day!

English 09/07

Hello everyone!

Activity 1: Today we are going to use our checklist to check if the letters below have included everything.

Activity 2: Pick out things from the letters that you need or want to include in your own letter and put them on your checklist or make a mind map, e.g. questions, asking for a reply, what you want o tell them., what you want to draw a picture of Your letter tomorrow will be for the residents in a care home.

Have a fantastic day!

Maths- 8/7/2020

Happy Wednesday!

This week we have been looking at division.

What do you remember from yesterday?

Division is another way of saying sharing.

Today we are going to learn how to group.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 09.27.52

How would we work this out?

There are 8 flowers.

We need to group these in twos.

Then we count the groups.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 09.32.44

How many groups are there?


That’s right- 4

so  8 ÷ 2 is 4

Have a go at these:

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 09.35.50


Can these number be shared equally.

21 ÷ 2=

13 ÷ 2 =

17 ÷ 5 =

Why? Why not?

Comment below 🙂

History 8/7/20

Hello everyone!

We are going to learn about someone else who was an activist today. Can you remember what an activist is? An activist is someone who wants to make a good change in their community, or around the world!

Today’s activist is someone who has made a change very recently. His name is Marcus Rashford and he is a footballer who plays for Manchester United and the England national team. Let’s see him in action!

Marcus Rashford is very successful now that he has become a famous footballer and he plays for a really big team! But sadly, Marcus didn’t always have lots of money. Like lots of children in our country, his family struggled with affording things they needed like food and clothes. Thankfully, in our country, when we are in school, we can get free school meals and food vouchers so that everyone can have a nice and healthy lunch. The government recently said they were going to stop giving the food vouchers during the school holidays. Marcus didn’t think that was very fair for the families who might need them, so he wrote a letter to the government to try and change their minds, and posted it on Twitter.

Marcus Rashford writes open letter to MPs addressing food poverty ...

Have a watch of the video on this link. Marcus Rashford is having an interview with a reporter who asked him about the letter.

Marcus Rashford Interview

Challenge Time! Can you write a sentence about who Marcus Rashford is? Now can you write a sentence about what he did to make a good change in his community? When you have finished, can you draw a picture of him? Maybe you could draw him scoring a goal!

When you have finished, can you send your work to year1@selsdonprimary.org.uk so that we can see it too? Well done, team!

Phonics 08/07

Good morning boys and girls. I hope everyone is feeling great.

Let’s begin with a countdown challenge. You have 2 minutes to make as many words as you can from the letters below. How many words can you get? Ready Steady Go!

y b a s r d g e c j u I k m x n o

Challenge: Can you spell the words in the picture? What grapheme do they all have in common?

Today we are going to revisit the sound of /ee/.

Grab your pencil and paper and let’s read and write some words that have the /ee/ sound.

We are also going to revisit the sound of /ea/.

Great work today boys and girls!

English 08/07

Hello everyone!

This week we are learning how to write a letter, because on Friday we are going to write our own letters and send them in the post. I know, it is SUPER EXCITING! To start, think of a reason for sending a letter. Next, look at the powerpoint below to find out why we send letters and see if you were right.

When we send a letter we have to know what we need and where to put it. Look at the picture above and make your own checklist of what we should include in a letter. Keep your checklist for the rest of the week, so you can use it when you write your own letter.

You might want to remind yourself to include capital letters, full stops and spaces between the words too!

Using your checklist, see if you can put the correct features in the correct place.

Have a fantastic week!