Today in Hedgehogs we learnt how to take photographs of our friends using the ipad. We learnt how to unlock the ipad, where the camera icon button is, how to hold the camera up the correct way, how to take a picture and how to view it. We were working on making sure that our friend’s face was completely in the photo and that our friend was not blurry. How do you think we did?




Hello Year 1 adults!

We are still in DESPERATE need of junk modelling for the children to be able to do art on Friday (and next week). It is for the project that we have been working on in class that parents will be invited to at the end of the half term and it would be such a shame if they weren’t able to do it!

If you have any of the following at home, please bring them in:

  • boxes
  • tubes
  • newspaper
  • bottles
  • containers
  • any other recycling materials except toilet rolls!!!


Thank you,

Miss Gordon 🙂

All Year 1: Junk Modelling Materials

Dear Parents,

We would love some junk modelling donations! If you have anything that could be used in our Art and D&T lessons for model making, please can you bring it in to the classroom over the next couple of weeks!

Examples include cereal boxes, milk and juice cartons, bottles, food containers, etc.

HOWEVER: Please no toilet rolls!

Kind regards,

The Year 1 Teachers