Squirrels Team

Class Teacher


Hello Squirrels!

My name is Miss Rix I am excited to work with Squirrels this year. In my spare time I enjoy running and singing along to Taylor Swift.


Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Noakes. This is my second year at Selsdon and I am really looking forward to be working in Year 1 in Squirrels class.



23 thoughts on “Squirrels Team

    1. Hello Vivicha. I’m so sorry – your comment only just arrived for some reason. There is a page at the top of this blog which will explain to you how to upload videos. Many thanks.


  1. It’s a real shame that the videos that the Squirrels do for their homework don’t get viewed in class any more. It looks like a lot of effort has gone into some of these only to not been seen by their class mates


    1. Hello. We’re so sorry we haven’t been able to watch the videos over the last few weeks. We have been experiencing a technical problem involving Google and YouTube and the way we access the Internet from school. The videos have been blocked and we have not been able to access them from school. Our IT team is trying to find a resolution. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and we will be able to catch up with all the lovely homework.


      1. Mrs Huse is able to access the videos (as are the other class teachers) from outside the school network. We are watching the videos the children make but are just not currently able to show them in class. We have taken the suggestion of making a video off this week’s homework and will continue to do so until the problem has been resolved. Many thanks for your patience.


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