Autumn 2

This half-term’s project is Heroes in the Community.

Here is what we are going to teach each week: Year 1 Half Termly Plan AUT 2

Autumn 1

This half-term’s focus is Black History Month and our project is, rather excitingly, The Lion King!

Our children will start by watching the Disney classic before generating artwork by exploring The Lion King story, its characters, settings and environment.

The children will create an installation, inspired by the story and exhibit them in their own gallery. Parents will be invited to view children’s artwork at their gallery and the children will have the opportunity to travel and view the gallery of our Federation School, Selsdon Primary.

Subjects with a ‘Lion King focus’ will be English, Reading, Art, D&T, Geography, History, Science, Music and Computing.

Other subjects being taught are PE, RE, PSHE, Phonics, Maths and Guided Reading.

English: Children have been producing oral sentences about characters in the Lion King. Which character they liked and why and which character they did not like and why. Children have been writing their oral sentence using the ‘say, count, write, check’ method. Children will also be producing an invitation to their art gallery for their parents which they will be writing and posting.

Guided Reading: Children begin every day by changing their reading book from the previous day. They then complete activities either ‘Reading for Fun’ or ‘Accountable Independent Reading’. Children are expected to read at home every night.

Handwriting: Children will be learning the cursive script which will enable them to write faster. This half term we will focus on letters c, a, d, s, g, o, qu, f, l, t, h, b, k.

Maths: In Maths, we will be following the Maths Mastery programme and focusing our learning on part whole models this half term. Using a part whole model we will be counting sets of objects and representing numbers within 10, comparing the number of objects in two sets and finding one more than and one less than. We will be learning how to represent the parts and the whole in a number bond and recognising that numbers can be split into more than two parts. We will also be finding double and half of an amount. Moving onto adding and subtracting, we will learn how to combine two sets to find out how many there are altogether, to partition a set and understand how this can be written as subtraction. We will be adding and subtracting by counting on and back and exploring commutativity in addition. We will also learn how to explore related facts and to understand how equations can link to contexts (stories) and solve problems using addition and subtraction.

Maths Meetings: In addition to Maths we will be doing Maths Meeting sessions where we will be consolidating the days of the week and the months of the year. We will also be exploring everyday Maths concepts such as making weather charts and using our place value to count the number of sessions we have completed.

Geography: In geography we will be learning that we have seven continents and that the Lion King is set in the continent of Africa. We will be studying a World Map and learning that we live in the continent of Europe, in the United Kingdom and the country of England. We will focus on the city of London and places of interest we might see in the city. We will then look at the geography of our school and its surrounding areas and make a map of our school environment.

PSHE: In PSHE we have been looking at different scenes from the Lion King to focus on how the characters were feeling at this point in the story. Children will work in groups to study scenes so they can develop a word bank to describe different emotions.

Computing: In computing we will be learning about how to use the internet safely and when to ask for help from an adult. We will be learning how to take a photograph on the iPad, how to focus the image and how to see the image in the photos app. We will also be learning how to take videos and play these back.

Phonics: In phonics we will be doing a quick recap of all Phase 3 sounds this half term to consolidate the children’s learning from Reception. Phase 3 sounds include /ch/ sh/ th/ ng/ ai/ ee/ igh/ oa/ oo/ ar/ or/ ear/ air/ ure/ ur/ er/. The children will be reading and writing words/ sentences with these sounds.

History: In History we will be looking at the difference between past and present events. We will be learning time words such as, first, next, then, after that, finally and sequencing the scenes of the Lion King in order. We will then be using a range of pictures from our own life and place them on a timeline according to the order that they have happened.

Science: In science we will be exploring materials and their properties. Children will learn that everything is made from a material and will have the opportunity to sort a variety of items based on the material they are made from. We will consider if there are reasons why things are made of particular materials. We will use this knowledge of materials to help us build our installation.

Design and Technology: In design and technology we will be learning how to use tools such as a hole puncher/ scissors. We will then begin to plan our ideas for an installation through talk and drawings. Children will then write notes next to drawings to explain ideas and any materials needed before building this installation in art.

Art: In Art, inspired by The Lion King, we will be learning about Installation Art and will be producing our own installation using art skills. We will investigate different materials and how these can be used to produce different effects. The children will be creating different textures mixing a range of materials to paint, such as sand, hay, glue, etc. The parents will also be able to visit our Art Gallery where they will experience The Lion King from the children’s perspective.

R.E. In R.E. we will be looking at the word thankful to understand what thankfulness means and how we show gratitude. We will be thinking about the Harvest festival and how this is a time to be thankful for all we have.